Before your choice

antes de escoger

· · · Your Vacation Can Finish In Nightmare!
To avoid ........
A bad choice of your destination or accommodation is the main reason.
This section will try to give a few tips to help you choose the destination and especially the accommodation that best suits your needs to make your holiday a success.
Do you travel alone, as a couple, with children?
Obviously the budget is not the same, but this can be further aggravated by multiple factors relating to the inadequacy of the establishment we could have chosen.
If traveling alone and wants is quiet sure that the establishment meets the best conditions you may prefer a home where animals are not accepted or even where there are usually children, or else what he wants a house with a lot of life to avoid boredom.
There are establishments for all tastes but to hit your best choice "Prompt"
If traveling with children
Should I choose a facility adapted for them.
Not all establishments welcome children with open arms. In some even "bother"
Any advice we think useful:
Find out about the size of the rooms and the possibility of using extra beds and their price.
Ask if there are kids menu and if it is not so, try to negotiate the wreck of the children's meals, since it does not consider logical a child pay the same as an adult for breakfast lunch and dinner!
If your children are very young verify that the establishment has the necessary security conditions, stairwells, common areas or the site of the house is closed or given directly to the street
How pets?
If traveling with your pet make sure that will be well received, not all establishments accept animals, and most of those who accept them do it with conditions.
In many cases the managers or owners of establishments indicate non acceptance prefer animals to prevent surprises! Best to consult, because in general if you old with an animal of polite, clean and small size has more chance of accept it.
Will you dine in the establishment?
Could you find the unpleasant surprise to the property of choice · and find that not serve lunch or dinner well that was needed to book ahead either because they do not serve lunch or dinner, and note that sometimes establishments are stay away from urban centers and not many places nearby to eat lunch or dinner! and over if you are traveling with children may be in a difficult situation
Tourism in the vicinity of the establishment.
Please consult with the manager of the establishment that is what you can visit in the area, but especially the opening days and times.
It would be a shame consume hours and miles to meet what we want to visit is closed.
Many monasteries, churches and museums have limited visiting hours, some churches can be visited only by going in the hours of worship.
Rates! advised to confirm the rates with establishments, as there may be variations on the official rates!