Paragliding in Galicia


Paragliding in Galicia is booming thanks to the weather conditions and terrain Galician

If I dedicate this article is because I think it can be a source of attraction for addicts of the sport. Galicia is well worth a flight!!

Note that metereológias conditions are very different in Galicia so you have to be patient ... and wait for the good time for the flight .....




Main areas of operation in Galicia

San Cosme de Barreiros, located between Foz and Ribadeo. Orientation N to NE.

Serra do Xistral in Viveiró, concello of Muras, with guidance from SE to W in the north.

Mondoñedo, with guidance from N to SW.

Ferrol, good places to School NE to SW in the north.

Coruña, NE to W on the cliffs of San Pedro and Barrañán.

Triacastela in mount confluence Oribio fly NE to NW and SW.

Vimianzo with different orientations between NE to W, in different places around.

Portosín from Mount Iroite, orientations NW to SW, good even for a decline.

Chantada, from "O Faro" fly on both sides of the mountain, E and W. Good thermal.

Quiroga, fabulous refunds, thermal, NW, SE and other possible orientations.

Cerdedo, a municipality committed to the sport, road-Orense Pontevedra, NW Na orientation.

Or Morrazo, as Rias Baixas in plenitude, achegate to coñece-what effect "Lapaman", NW, and outras orientacions SW, SE, E.

A Rúa a good terrain to the north, landing just by the large number of vineyards in wine counterpart have

Oia, good coastal hillside several kilometers for flights calm, NW to SW.

Monte Rodicio near Ourense capital W.

Baltar, ride Larouco N to S on the west handsome, handsome.



Paragliding school: contact


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

646870340 (Diego)



Proposed: Tandem Paragliding


Not weigh more than 130 kg, or less than 40. Children with written parental consent.

The passenger transport available to the meeting point and transport from the point of take-off meeting for himself and the pilot tandem with the team, which occupies a large backpack (and assistant off if weather conditions more request it). After the flight, the pilot will have transportation to pick up the vehicle the passenger. If you do not have transportation to the launch, we will we will make it cost 10 €.


Appropriate footwear (preferably hiking boots), comfortable clothing (preferably sports or jeans that allow running), warm clothes (long sleeve).

Location: Ferrol. Takeoffs on the beaches of Ponzos (Monte das Lagoas) and Doniños-Penencia (Monte Windy).

Availability: Days gentle wind directions NNE-N - NO - O-SO Any day of the week

Duration: Depending on weather conditions

Escuela Parapente La Térmica

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

33 986 86 25 75

619 07 45 20 o 609 80 14 61

Proposed: Tandem Paragliding Baptism

Conditions of participation

Being over 12 years.

Minors need the consent of his / her parent or legal guardian.

Not suffer from diseases which can prevent the flight, such as injuries, cardiovascular problems or other.


The paragliding is conditioned by the weather, so it could be canceled if these were not optimal for your practice. This was confirmed by weather conditions before carrying out the activity.


The duration of activity is approximately 1 hour and the actual flight time of approximately 20 minutes.

Equipment to be carried

Comfortable clothing.

Mountain shoes, trekking or sport.


Paragliding Photos Stake Bars made ​​in collaboration with Parapente Landia



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Vive Galicia, recórrela y vuelve otra vez a empezar porque no lo habrás visto todo, Galicia es inmensa y cada lugar te retiene.

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