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Maica a great lady and soul of Pazo Cibrán

What to say about someone who can not appreciate and admire you for your work and dedication after so many years of rural tourism. Your home Cibrán Pazo is a special place with charm, where the Jardien is one of those that can be stepped on, where the lounge is like your home, to use and enjoy, it's anti-touch-me-not,



In this house there is something special, and I think that it brings something Maica, their presence during breakfast is a bonus, your mamabilidad and delivery to customers is priceless, your advice and comments are taken into account by their customers and when they return from their excursions satisfaction for having these indications sseguido Maica is noted with good faces and comments of these.
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Pazo Cibrán is all contrasts both outside and inside, the entry with its imposing front barn and its courtyard where there is a beautiful chapel and galleries where they are given a privilege for the occupants of the rooms, the third space especially appreciated by the occupants is the area of ​​the camellia with its large stone table where summer nights do not end and temples and above all lucky to be in the company of Maica who has a imfinidad topics of conversation to share and where everyone is welcome.


But I can not pass comment on the calm in the house and gardens during the day while most customers are from escursion, relax on sun loungers under the many camellias and fruit trees is a luxury.

There are places where you will enjoy a couple of days, goes away and the next time will return to look at the offers to see which is cheaper, The manor Cibrám is nothing, enjoys one comes here comes and goes.

Do not forget that besides its proximity to Santiago de Compostela is an advantage to visit the city.





Nombre: Pazo Cibran

Teléfono: 0034 981 511 515

Dirección: San Xulián de Sales, Vedra (Santiago de Compostela)

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.