Hotel Louxo la Toja


Louxo Thalasso in La Toja Hotel 4 *: "I will return"

When I decided to stay at this hotel located on the island of La Toja, I did not expect to find such a peaceful place and a service that level.

The truth is that in the month of August is difficult to find room in the hotels or in toja Grove area or San Vicente, and I have to say that I fall in Louxo because it was the only hotel that had availability, is what happens when one looks at the last minute.

Not that the building is very nice, in fact the hotel has many years and has adapted and modernized a few years ago, the rooms are very spacious but not extraordinary, but frankly it does not matter, all other aspects of the hotel than offset these aesthetic issues.


The welcome from the hotel staff is pleasant and helpful, this makes them good treatment forgive the occasional cluelessness in another setting most unfriendly staff would not be forgiven ...

sobrilla vista

But personal attention is something that I would return to Louxo, the feeling of tranquility and relaxation of the pool area is definitely the best, the ocean and there is nothing that visually break is priceless. To say that we spent two days without leaving the hotel enjoying the pool, garden and spa.

Sometimes the difference between hotels of the same category is in the details, offer a drink to customers who were in the pool is one of those who are grateful. Perhaps the contrast of this service and quiet hotel bustle and overcrowding of the local beaches and the area in those days, August makes you feel even better in the hotel.

As for the meals that the kitchen is good but maybe it misses a dessert lighter due to the density of the dishes ...... anyway although the letter did not appear in the kitchen preparing some very nice ice cream .... I found out too late, but next time I will not ...

la-lanzadaWhat else to say, just return without any doubt and do not forget that the hotel is located in one of the best areas of Galicia and with better weather .... shame it is built both on the island of La Toja but still has its charm









Talaso Hotel Louxo 4*

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