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La guía Michelín sigue siendo la referencia de calidad en el mundo, y este año nos ha dado una buena noticia, no solo por el hecho de haber aumentado el número de establecimientos con estrella, pasando de 10 el pasado año a 11 este año, si no que además ningún establecimiento ha perdido estrellas y eso es significativo.


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The three airports in Galicia have three competitors, the other two airports in Galicia and also the airport of Porto in Portugal. The latter is the main beneficiary of this ridiculous war Galicia suffering for too long.

One aspect that must obviously take into account is the journey between home and the airport in Galicia gives the feeling that it was possible to complicate the transfer of passengers,


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Hotel Louxo La Toja


Louxo Thalasso in La Toja Hotel 4 *: "I will return"

When I decided to stay at this hotel located on the island of La Toja, I did not expect to find such a peaceful place and a service that level.

The truth is that in the month of August is difficult to find room in the hotels or in toja Grove area or San Vicente, and I have to say that I fall in Louxo because it was the only hotel that had availability, is what happens when one looks at the last minute.

Not that the building is very nice, in fact the hotel has many years and has adapted and modernized a few years ago, the rooms are very spacious but not extraordinary, but frankly it does not matter, all other aspects of the hotel than offset these aesthetic issues.


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Pazo Cibrán

maika pazo cibran 2 blog

Maica a great lady and soul of Pazo Cibrán

What to say about someone who can not appreciate and admire you for your work and dedication after so many years of rural tourism. Your home Cibrán Pazo is a special place with charm, where the Jardien is one of those that can be stepped on, where the lounge is like your home, to use and enjoy, it's anti-touch-me-not,



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A Painza

A Painza casa rural

A Painza is a set of rural tourism Arzua situated in the province of A Coruña, the Camino de Santiago passes doable in this beautiful place, offering an ideal accommodation to pilgrims.

In addition to setting offering Painza makes it one of the best accommodations to host groups, as it consists of several houses in various capacities.


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Galicia: Michelin and Relais & Chateaux


The Galician hotel has a lot to celebrate these days, but the joys seem to come accompanied by the occasional disgust. The inclusion of Quinta da Auga in the guide "Relais & Chateaux" is probably one of the best news that the Galician hotel could receive. This inclusion is obviously a clear recognition to the work done by the family Lorenzo Garcia and specifically by Maria Luisa, the restoration of the building is spectacular, and the décor mixing styles I think it achieves an effect of "home" is not easy to find in hotels this category.
Many hotels unify styles to such an extent that they lose all personality and interest, sometimes passed from purists and are so cold that makes you want to go, others claim to be rustic and ilcluyen in its decoration many rustic objects become artificial.

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Paragliding in Galicia is booming thanks to the weather conditions and terrain Galician

If I dedicate this article is because I think it can be a source of attraction for addicts of the sport. Galicia is well worth a flight!!

Note that metereológias conditions are very different in Galicia so you have to be patient ... and wait for the good time for the flight .....




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vela tradicional_galicia

Water sports in Galicia are well placed, the Galician coast is ideal for practice, their estuaries are protected and are large enough to allow for holding all kinds of races ..

This is a good example of the practice of sailing in the estuary of Ares, a regatta of traditional boats that we recorded for is only a summary so that they can enjoy the atmosphere that was experienced in Ares.


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Vive Galicia, recórrela y vuelve otra vez a empezar porque no lo habrás visto todo, Galicia es inmensa y cada lugar te retiene.

realidad virtual

Realidad virtual y el Turismo

Realidad Virtual VR Turismo

La realidad virtual está ahí al alcance de todos pero todavia no se ha desarollado, ha habido tentativas con video 360 que personqlñente no lo considero en sí realidad virtual por ser simplemente un angulo de vision y no un espacio virtual. Ahora bien si a estos videos 360 les añadimos interactividad y complementos 3D por ejemplo entonces si podríamos hablar de realidad virtual. Social media



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Eclox Art VR AI es más que entretenimiento. Es una forma de conectar contigo mismo y con los demás de manera significativa. En Eclox, creamos experiencias en realidad virtual que usan la inclusión y el bienestar como principios. #arte #vr #ai #eclox.

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Casa de Outeiro

Casa de Outeiro

Turismo rural
La Casa de Outeiro es una casa de turismo rrural que puede ser alquilada completa. 
Paza Cibran

Paza Cibrán

Turismo rural

El Pazo cibrán se encuentra cerca de Santiago, tiene mucho encanto